Swim Spas

Swim Spa tubs in Essex

A swim spa is a hybrid machine that includes features of hydromassage and a pool and is bigger than a hot tub.

Whether you’re want to swim, exercise or relax a swim spa can provide what you need. Thanks to their impressive size they are also a great excuse for inviting more friends over to your house.

 As well as a hydrotherapy  hot tub experience and swimming you can use your swim spa for running, rowing, strength training and relaxation.

The swim spa has an inbuilt current system which you can control to suit your swimming abilities and exercise requirements. 

Browse the range below – there are three models available each with its own unique features so we are sure there will be something to suit you and your requirements. 

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Zelus Swim Spa Interior


The ultimate swim and spa package, the Zelus gives you the absolute best of both worlds.
Helios Swim Spa Interior


The Helios swim spa is the ultimate swim and spa package and the perfect space for up to three adults.


As well as being a swim spa The Eros delivers a quality hot tub experience