Hot Tubs

A hot tub can bring you hours of enjoyment and has a number of health benefits too.

Hot tubs are great if you have aching joints – for instance from injuries or arthritis or other conditions. Weary mucles through physical work or exercise can be soothed too. Warm water and hydrotherapy jets can help to soothe any aches and pains.

Hot tubs can also help soothe away your stresses and anxiety, relieve headaches, boost your circulation and reduce strain on the heart, lower blood pressure and can even help improve your sleep.

We stock a variety of hot tub ranges so we are sure you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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Providing great value for money and a perfect introduction to the joys of hot tub ownership.

Platinum Deluxe

Great value, quality and boasting premium features – start your hot tub journey with the Platinum Deluxe range. Focussing on innovation and the latest technology, this  range has been  designed with comfort and energy efficiency in mind.

Platinum Premium

Built to the highest quality standard with a focus on innovation and the latest technology the spas in the
Platinum Pemium range have innovative features such as water fountains, integrated filter covers, and foot massage functionality.


AquaSolus is Latin for ‘health through water’  and this premium hot tub range has been developed with wellness and hydrotherapy at the forefront.

Holiday Let

Add a touch of luxury and increase revenue! These models are designed specifically for the rental property market.