Sundance 780 Series

Sundance 780 spa main image

Imagine a hot tub that seamlessly blends social fun with tranquil relaxation. The 780™ Series delivers just that. 

Featuring clean lines and natural colors, these low-maintenance outdoor spas are designed for effortless enjoyment.

Crafted with Sundance’s renowned reliability and performance, each hot tub in the 780™ Series promises a hassle-free path to tranquility, whether you’re unwinding solo or hosting a gathering.

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The Bristol is our best-selling 780 Series lounger hot tub.


The Chelsee is not only our best-selling 780 Series hot tub but also one of our all-time best sellers overall.


The Dover is a specialised hot tub designed with couples in mind, offering an advanced hydro massage experience along with the convenience of simple maintenance.


The Hamilton, as the largest lounger spa in the 780 Series, offering a spacious and luxurious experience.


The Montclair™ spa is luxurious retreat designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.