Platinum- Artesian Spas Hot Tub Essex Hertfordshire Hot Tubs

The TidalFit Swim Spa and Exercise Pool range offers more features than other swim pools on the market.  The TidalFit offers a choice of two different adjustable swim jets, both providing a variable swim current perfect for light and strong swimmers alike. The exercise element of the TidalFit does not end there, however, offering stretch bands, rowing equipment and running tether too to provide the ultimate workout.  

The TidalFit has a double hydrotherapy option to soothe your muscles after your workout.  Featuring a variety of premium jets powered by Artesian’s patented DirectFlow™ technology, you really do get the full water gym experience.

What’s more, with optional multicolour LED lighting, powerful sound systems and Artesian’s Crystal ProPure Ozone chamber, your TidalFit spa becomes a relaxation and entertainment hub once the exercise is over.

NEW – The Semi-in-ground TidalFit allows you to sink the spa half way into the ground whilst still allowing access to all the equipment, offering a unique, unimposing swim spa option.