Chill Tub Ice Bath interior view
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Chill Tub Original


Dive into Luxury Recovery: The Original Chill Tub

Experience chilling like never before in the meticulously crafted Chill Tub. This premium ice bath boasts:

  • Unmatched performance: Freeze down to 3°C (without ice!) for peak muscle recovery.
  • Durability built to last: Crafted with quality materials for years of icy plunges.
  • Luxurious aesthetics: Redefines post-workout routine with sleek design.
  • Free insulated cover: Keeps the chill in, even when you’re out.
  • Ready to elevate your recovery game? Take the plunge with the Original Chill Tub.

This version highlights the key features (temperature control, no-ice design, durability) and benefits (muscle recovery, luxury experience) while keeping it concise and engaging.

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Power Supply

13 Amp / 220v-240vz 50/60hz

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Dimensions (L,W,H)

730mm W X 1800mm L

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