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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub? – Part 2

Just like your boiler at home, we recommend that you have your hot tub serviced by a qualified service engineer at least once a year.

Part 2—Servicing & Maintenance

You can choose to pay for a one-off service as and when required, but most WhatSpa? Approved dealerships offer service plans that include an annual mechanical service with the option of upgrading to more regular service visits which include drain down, refills and spa valeting services.

A typical one-off hot tub service will cost between £300 and £900 (dependant upon the size of your tub) and service plans start from £26—£79 per month and can increase to around £71-£116 per month with quarterly drain downs provided by the dealer.

This is why it is vital to choose a good quality local supplier in the first place, as your ongoing servicing costs will then be minimised due to shorter travel times.


Article taken from What Spa?
Written by Nick Clamp
15th April 2022

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