Exercising in a swim spa

Exercising in a swim spa

Exercising in water is ideal for all levels of fitness, the natural resistance from the water takes the weight and supports your body.

Exercising in a swim spaThis is an effective way to exercise if you struggle with joint pain or conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia and want to do a low impact form of exercise.  People who often exercise in water often see benefits like improved balance, increased flexibility and higher endurance levels.

A great benefit of our swim spas is that you can choose the difficulty level of your exercise by working against the current which can be increased or decreased depending on how you are feeling.

The current of the water also helps you to build stabilizer muscles which are vital when it comes to injury prevention.

Exercises for your swim spa

Walk in Water

A great way to start if you are a beginner, walk against the current can target your arms, core and lower body.


  • Walk by putting pressure on your heel first and then onto your toes, lengthen your spine as you are doing this.
  • Engage your core and stand tall.
  • Keep your arms by your side and move them as you walk.
  • Try to walk for 5-10 minutes.

Jumping Jacks

A great move to target muscles in both your upper and lower body.


  • Add resistance weights to your ankles and wrists for a more intense workout.
  • Do 1-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  • Increase the current for higher resistance.

Water running

This exercise can benefit those who are recovering from injury, or those who want a higher intensity workout without putting stress on joints.


  • Lift knees as high as feels comfortable.
  • Use proper posture.
  • Use arms to scoop the water.


You can buy rowing bars that easily snap into the sides of the swim spa.  A great cardiovascular exercise for boosting endurance levels.


  • Keep your core engaged and use arms equally.
  • Extend your legs so that you are in a streamlined position.

Swimming against the current

The Helios is the ultimate swim spa and hot tub package, giving you the best of both worlds to form one of the finest swim spas and hot tubs available today.  Two volumes of water ensure that the spa end is hot, whilst the swim end is at a lower temperature suitable for swimming against the powerful counter currents.


  • For a more intense workout a bungee cord can be attached to the back of the swim spa to create extra resistance.

Safety tips

You may sweat more than you realise when working out in water so make sure that you stay hydrated before and after your work out.  We recommend using a floatation device if you’re not a strong swimmer.  Avoid working out in a pool that’s heated above 32 degrees.

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Imogen Clark British 50m Breaststroke record holder tries out the Platinum Spas Helios swim spa

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