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Owning a hot tub can be quite confusing. Whether you are thinking of buying one, already have one or just inherited one; knowing what to do with it can be pretty tricky.

Many people use hot tubs daily but don’t realise that there are some basic needs that a hot tub requires to keep it running smooth and efficiently. Here at Platinum Hot Tubs, we can help you understand the basics of hot tub ownership; helping customers throughout Suffolk to use their hot tubs with ease.



Cleaning your hot tub is vital to its health and shelf life. The parts of the hot tub that should be cleaned regularly are the shell and the filter. It is important to make sure you drain your hot tub of water at least every 2-3 months and keep the seats and water line clear of grime and scum. Your filter should be cleaned monthly, ideally having two filters and swapping them over whilst cleaning the other one. This will keep them working effectively and problem-free. When a hot tub is not emptied or cleaned properly, the pipes and filters can become clogged up with dirt and debris. This could cause your hot tub components to become damaged, break down and trigger further faults, which are quite costly to repair. It is also a big health hazard as the trapped grime can harbour all sorts of bacteria, mounds and viruses.



Many people don’t know that a hot tub comes with a built-in circulation schedule. This determines how often the water needs circulating to keep it clean and running smoothly. Circulation helps water move around the system to make sure there are no blockages and that the temperature remains even. Your hot tub circulation cycle needs to be run at least once a day, even if you are not using it. More water circulation means cleaner, balanced water.



Knowing about the water chemistry of your hot tub is important. The water chemistry needs to be checked regularly. If the alkaline or pH levels become too high or too low, you could encounter problems such as; cloudy water, irritated skin and eyes, corrosion and less sanitation. The thought of dealing with the chemical balance can sound quite daunting, but it’s actually quite easy and simple to check with test strips. Here at Platinum Hot Tubs, we can help many people throughout Suffolk with their hot tub water chemistry. We will show you how to test and use the chemicals in your hot tub, with detailed explanations and demonstrations. This will help you with any worries or confusion when dealing with chemicals.

When you know the basics of hot tub ownership, caring for one is really quite simple. At Platinum Hot Tubs, we understand the importance of enjoying hot tubs and minimising stress and confusion. Therefore, we provide excellent customer support for any queries or difficulties you may have.

If you would like to know more about basic hot tub care or would like to view our premium hot tubs in our showroom, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We currently serve Suffolk and Essex. We look forward to hearing from you.