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Providing a Hot Tub Hertfordshire based service, a hot tub is seen to be the ultimate luxury addition for the modern home and has the ability to completely change your daily activities and your feelings towards the home. With Platinum Hot Tubs by your side, enjoying those benefits and so much more has never been easier.

Platinum Hot Tubs is an all-in-one installation service that can help you find the perfect American style hot tub for the home or workplace. Given that we work with the biggest brands, provide exceptional customer care, and genuinely take great pride in every project, our services are all you need.

Make a splash with a luxury hot tub today, it’ll be the smartest home addition you make all year.

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Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire

Getting a hot tub is something that many homeowners aspire to do. Unfortunately, many people needlessly abandon those ideas due to false ideas about the costs, maintenance, and care. Now that the tech is at an all-time high, there has never been a better tie to invest in a hot tub for your Hertfordshire home.

A Hertfordshire hot tub can bolster your home in a number of ways, including;

  • Add a place to fully relax and de-stress.
  • Also enhance the look of the garden, deck, or internal pool area.
  • Encourage a more complete function throughout the home.
  • Add value to the property.
  • Become the envy of your neighbours.
  • Save money by hosting gatherings with friends and family.

Hot tubs aren’t for everyone, but most people that have tried a professional quality hot tub will know just how amazing they feel. With an installation from Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, you can enjoy those incredible experiences every single day.

Prices from £3,495 – Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Telephone: 01376 802 023


Was £6,995

Now £5,695

Price includes delivery, installation & VAT



Was £7,295

Now £6,295

Price includes delivery, installation & VAT



Was £14,995

Now £11,995

Price includes delivery, installation & VAT


Covering Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Hot Tubs For All Personal Preferences

At Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, the emphasis is on bringing the style and function of American hot tubs only without the costs. We stock a range of products, all of which offer flexible repayments, from the biggest and best names in the industry, including;

  • Garden Spas,
  • TidalFit,
  • Platinum Elite,
  • South Seas Spas,
  • Island Spas,
  • And others.

Aside from having the best range of hot tubs Hertfordshire has to offer in relation to manufacturer reputations, we also stock a wide range of individual models. Regardless of the size, colour, or added features that you’re looking for, our partnerships ensure that all customers are guaranteed the very best results.

Best of all, we have options for all budgets too – and that’s without ever compromising on the quality.

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire
Prices from £3,495 – Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Telephone: 01376 802 023

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Also covering Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

New Hot Tubs Hertfordshire Installations & Upgrades Under One Roof

Installing a luxury hot tub is something that many homeowners dream of, and there’s no question that we have the facilities to make it happen. If required, we can even check the proposed space to check that a hot tub will fit and be practical.

However, brand new installations aren’t the only option at your disposal. The technology and designs surrounding this type of product have grown at an exponential rate. We find that many homeowners looking for the best hot tubs Hertfordshire has to offer are actually wanting to replace outdated products.

If you’re in a similar position, we are willing and able to breathe new life into your home with a stunning upgrade. Even if your current hot tub seems to have lost its appeal, we can help you rediscover the sheer joy of having a hot tub you can rely on.

Prices from £3,495 – Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Telephone: 01376 802 023

What Our Customers Have To Say – Hot Tubs Hertfordshire

Amazing! My partner and I took a while to find the right hot tub due to making sure it fit in our garden! We found the Iris 4 person and visited John to have a look at the hot tubs. John was really helpful and gave a good explanation of the options and timescales.

What I liked is that he put no pressure on us to buy one and we felt at ease throughout. Only 3 days ago our hot tub arrived and John was here to make sure everything went smoothly. Even after it was installed he was available for advice and I am so glad we bought from him, a top company with quality hot tubs. Definitely recommend!

Richard Burton

Amazing service from start to finish and to say we are happy with our hot tub would be a MASSIVE under statement! We were sat in it at 6am in the snow on Sunday morning totally amazed at how we could be outside in such cold temperatures but feel so warm and to lay there late at night and watch the sky and stars is awesome!!
Thank you!

Jenna Browne

As we haven’t been able to get away on holiday for a while we thought we’d invest in a hot tub to relax at home: a friend recommended Platinum at Braintree and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the knowledgeable, friendly, service that John and his team have provided. Ordering and installation were straightforward and importantly follow up was excellent. In a matter of a few weeks from our first visit we are enjoying all the expected benefits of a super garden spa, as well as finding that “tub time” is a perfect way to catch up with each other in an otherwise frenetic world !
Highly recommended…

Graham Milligan

Can’t recommend this company enough. From the initial order until delivery it was a top class service. John who owns platinum hot tubs ensures that installation runs smoothly and couldn’t be more helpful. Customer service is first class. We ordered the platinum elite hot tub and couldn’t be more pleased with it. John had explained that every seat has its own pump and control panel but we didn’t realise how great this was until we used it. We have a nine seater so there is always someone who wants the jets on, someone else off, someone else strong jets and others soft so with this tub you can all have exactly what you want. The quality is second to none. Very pleased and highly recommend.

Craig-dean Shepherd
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Prices from £3,495 – Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Telephone: 01376 802 023

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Why Choose Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire?

Why Choose Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire?

At Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, we don’t merely specialise in installing a varied range of hot tub facilities. We additionally offer water management, spa relocations, chemicals and accessories for a comprehensive package that is like no other. More importantly, ours is a name you can trust.

With over 25 years of experience in the trade, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners (and businesses) with their American hot tub needs. Better still, we offer a versatile range of finance options as well as incredible transparency through every step of the installation.

Our vision is simple to bring your dreams to life while ensuring that the chosen product and installation is right for your property and personal needs. While we can certainly offer our unbiased advice, we’ll never try to oversell a particular product. We are only interested in your ongoing satisfaction.

From conception to completion (and beyond), we provide a truly stunning service. And if our word isn’t enough, check out what others have had to say by reading out customer reviews.

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Also covering Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire & Beyond

Platinum Hot Tubs has helped homeowners and clients throughout the Hertfordshire region and further afield into Essex and Suffolk regardless of your location, you’ll notice our superb customer service from start to finish.

We additionally team ourselves with Artesian Spas to ensure that all of our valued customers receive the quality goods that they deserve. With unrivalled warranties added to our eclectic range and standout client support, it’s no wonder we’ve built a reputation as one of the area’s leading suppliers of American hot tubs.

At Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, our services include everything from delivery to installation along with maintenance tips and other tricks on how to make the most of your purchase. We’re not only focused on a quality installation; we want you to enjoy it to the max for many years to come.

Many of the hot tubs Hertfordshire based installations were done by our team of friendly, experienced, and highly qualified technicians and advisors. If you’re looking for a hot tub Hertfordshire based install, make sure you choose the Platinum option.

Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Find Your Perfect Hot Tub Today!

Find Your Perfect Hot Tub Today!

If you’re looking to add a hot tub to your Hertfordshire home or business property, Platinum Hot Tubs has the solution for you. Whether you’ve seen a hot tub that you love or you’d like to speak to one of our advisors about our latest products and offers, give us a call on 01376 802 023 today.

With Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, you’ll feel relaxed, renewed, and as a result revitalised in no time at all. Hot Tubs Hertfordshire based service.

Prices from £3,495 – Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire – Telephone: 01376 802 023