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A hot tub is a luxury way to relax in the comfort of your own home. The idea of owning a hot tub is very captivating for many people, it gives them the opportunity to bring family together, spend quality time with a loved one or give them that much needed personal space. A hot tub is a big investment, it’s only natural that many people wonder if a hot tub is really worth it.

A hot tub comes with many key benefits; it can help you to de-stress after a long day, enables the family to spend quality time together and entertains both family and friends in all seasons. Establishing if a hot tub is worth the investment, depends on how much you will use it and the reasons why you will enjoy it. A hot tub is more than a piece of apparatus, it is a lifestyle and routine. You are investing in your quality of life and overall well-being. Some hot tubs have different features such as massage and hydrotherapy jets which can be used for the treatment of aches and pains.

You have to consider other costs that come with a hot tub, as well as the advance payment of purchasing your hot tub, you also need to consider the running costs and how much it will be to maintain it. The overall costs of running and maintaining your hot tub or swim spa really depends on the quality of the build.

Here at Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, we only supply our customers with high-quality hot tubs from the leading USA manufacturer ‘Artesian Spas’ They are known worldwide for manufacturing hot tubs which are premium grade, innovative in technology and have outstanding performance with a warranty to cover. Our customers have had many years of pleasure from our luxury hot tubs and we treat all clients both old and new with excellent customer care and expert advice.

Hertfordshire – Hot Tub Quality

Many hot tubs look the same and seem to have similar features such as: a shell, jets and a cabinet. However, although they may look the same, the quality and performance of hot tubs differ. Many people will purchase a cheap hot tub with the mindset that ‘they all do the same thing’ but people don’t realise that the quality is important. A budget hot tub will not work as efficiently as a quality one and it will cost you a lot more money to run and maintain.

Hertfordshire – The Disadvantages of Cheap Hot Tubs :

  • Inadequate Insulation

Many budget hot tubs have poor insulation which is barely fit for purpose. Some bargain manufacturers only use a spray on insulation, this causes excessive heat loss and can make your hot tub very noisy. As your budget hot tub may struggle to heat up or take longer than it should, you will notice a huge increase in your energy bills and it will cost a lot more to run compared to a high quality hot tub.

  • Leaking and Cracking

Cheap hot tubs having extremely thin material which is stretched out within the inner shell. This is likely to crack within a short period of time due to general use and heat from the water. The flimsy materials simply can’t withstand the heat and the traffic so it will crack and leak with no chance of repair.

  • Poor Filtration Systems

Budget hot tubs have appalling filtration systems which are usually loud and have no timer settings. They are very inadequate of cleaning the water as there is usually no housing system or skimmer located around the filters. This means that dirt and grime can become trapped in the filter and float back into the water. This is very unhygienic and could cause you, a family member or friend to become ill.

  • Short Warranty and Parts

The majority of cheap hot tubs come with a warranty of 1 year or less and if something was to go wrong, it can be extremely difficult to claim. If your hot tub was to break down or develop a fault, finding a spare part can be just as difficult. Many of these hot tubs are built with unbranded parts usually from China, so it can be troublesome, if not impossible to find these spare parts or suitable components to repair the hot tub. Even if you do manage to source them, it can cause a lot of problems when having your hot tub serviced.

  • Dangerous

The most important fact about cheap hot tubs is that they are very dangerous. The majority of them are not CE approved and they are built using the cheapest materials and parts which are poorly fitted. Water and faulty electric components are not a good mix and can be a great danger to life or cause severe injuries.

A quality hot tub should should be CE approved and reliable. They will have efficient integrated filters and self maintaining cleaning and sanitation properties. High quality hot tubs will be made with strong, durable and premium grade materials. They should be relatively quiet, run smoothly and be energy efficient. They require little maintenance and develop very few faults, making them last a lot longer compared to a a budget hot tub. As long as your hot tub is purchased from a reputable seller and brand, your hot tub will be a good investment for your home, body, mind and well-being.

Whatever your reasons for purchasing a hot tub, it will bring you many years of pleasure and enjoyment without the worry of problems, time and energy. Here at Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire, we are proud of our ability to supply and install premium-grade hot tubs for you to enjoy. We have a lot of happy customers who have enjoyed investing in a hot tub supplied by us. They have great confidence and assurance of the quality and outstanding performance of our hot tubs.

If you would like any more information about our hot tubs then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Platinum Hot Tubs Hertfordshire. You can view our range of premium hot tubs on display in our beautiful showroom where we can provide you with, friendly and helpful advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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